About Us

About Globe Developers

Each of our projects at globe developers is executed after a thorough market research, in which we establish our customers’ preferences and tastes. We try and accommodate every need of our customers’ during the design phase. Our planning, attention to detail, and excellent designs are evident in all our land development projects and hence these have become prime property in nairobi, kenya.

We are known for our integrity, open communications, transparent transactions, practical solutions, original planning, unbeatable processes and impeccable implementation. Our commitment to quality and our expertise in site selection, creative designs, construction bidding, coordination of operations and financing practices has made us one of the most profitable and dependable investment property developers. We have the expertise, processes, and experience to provide a customized home or commercial buildings which are reliable, architecturally and aesthetically strong.

The success of our organization lies completely with our employees. Our team consists of highly qualified, extremely dedicated, experienced and talented professionals who aim at achieving client satisfaction and building long term relationships with of all our stakeholders. Every aspect of our enterprise is well organized and headed by experts. We encourage employee initiative and believe in open sharing of ideas.


Market Driven

Each of our projects takes into consideration the needs of the market through market research.

Forward Thinking

Our architectural designs and building techniques have deep reliance on future utility and timeless designs.

Impressive Portfolio

We are no novices in this field. With over 7 projects under our belt, our experience will work for your benefit.

Dedicated Team

Our Success lies in the strength and competence of our dedicated and talented team.

The Pinnacle of Elegance

We have to our credit an impressive list of previously completed and ongoing projects. Our residential and commercial properties are considered as real estate landmarks.

We offer integrity, professionalism, dedication, value for money, expertise, innovative techniques, creative ideas and tested, highly functional processes to all our projects.