Interiors at the Rumaisa

Simple & Elegant

The interiors are simple yet elegant and create an airy look with the floor to ceiling windows. A limited palette of materials has been used such as minimal gypsum ceilings, wood effect tile, soft white walls to create an eclectic interior space. Each apartment has been furnished with interior finishes from renowned European companies to create a perfect home environment.

Living Area (Lower level)

A double volume living area with large floor to ceiling windows create a room with a view which is simple and airy. The space allows each resident to design the living room as they see best

Family / TV Room (Upper Level)

Each apartment at Rumaisa comes with a family room
that overlooks the living area.



The open plan layout from the main entrance consists of the Kitchen, Dining room and Living room. A modern, sophisticated and functional design create the space known as the ‘heart’ of a home. The kitchen cabinetry is by high end Italian Kitchen manufacturers ENNE. Stepping away from typical design the kitchen layout consists of play in levels, from half height columns with inbuilt appliances to hanging cabinets. Granite worktops, stainless steel finished appliances and a neutral palette for cabinets exudes a welcoming atmosphere.


The bedrooms are spacious with wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms opening up to a balcony overlooking the courtyard and the city skyline.


The bathrooms are tiled in Spanish first quality tiles from a world renowned company, FANAL. A monochromatic selection of tiles and sanitary ware in a bathroom exudes an ambiance to unwind and relax becoming a haven.

Interior Finishes Schedule

All Interior finishes for the project have been sourced from renowned European companies to ensure that the Residents at Rumaisa experience world class living in their homes.

  1. KITCHEN – Italian Kitchen by ENNE with appliances (electric multi-function oven, cook top 90cm 4 burners gas +2 electrical glass ceramic burner, 90cm island hood)
  2. WARDROBES – Italian Manufacturer
  3. DUPLEX FLOORING – Wood Effect Italian Manufacturer
  4. BATHROOM TILING – First Quality Spanish Manufacturer
  5. SANITARY WARE – Spanish Manufacturer
  7. BATHROOM VANITIES – Spanish Manufacturer
  8. INTERNAL DOORS – Spanish manufacturer

More Information?

We would love to answer all of your concerns. Talk to us through call or chat on this website.

More Information?

We would love to answer all of your concerns. Talk to us through call or chat on this website.